Ulcerative Colitis (US)
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Ulcerative Colitis
Patient-centered Tools for Education & Engagement

Pfizer is committed to helping people with uclerative colitis (UC) become empowered to play an important role in managing their medical condition. What does personal empowerment mean? It is a process that may help patients work with their medical team to act on medical and lifestyle issues that they, together, define as important. Empowerment means becoming a partner with the healthcare professional (HCP) team to participate in shared decision-making on personal treatment-related issues and options.

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The following materials―created by Pfizer Medical Affairs―seek to provide important educational content for adult patients who have UC. These materials:

  • Offer insights for adult patients into the characteristics of UC and how it can be managed
  • Provide a refresher for adult patients on disease-related information that can be used to educate family members or friends about UC
  • Can help patients track UC disease activity and how it may impact quality of life

Ulcerative Colitis: Disease Diagnosis and Management Materials

Personal empowerment begins with patients understanding how UC can be diagnosed and managed. These materials deliver a helpful overview of UC, including disease characteristics and some types of therapies that may be used to manage it―as well as valuable treatment support tools.

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Understanding Ulcerative Colitis (UC) Disease Activity...Above and Below the Surface

Read an overview of UC and the importance of taking medicine as prescribed.

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My UC Symptom Tracker

This planner is designed to help patients record important information about UC to share with their physician and healthcare team. It contains educational content and diary forms to help patients work with their doctor to monitor 
​​​​​​​UC-related symptoms, as well as fatigue and lifestyle challenges.

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My UC Disease Activity Index

This educational resource, adapted from the American College of Gastroenterology proposed disease activity index, is designed to help patients track information regarding their UC symptoms. Patients can collect data for their physician and healthcare team regarding stool frequency, urgency, and the level of blood in stools.

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UC Disease Activity Index Tear Sheet

A component of the My UC Disease Activity Index educational resource, this form lets you record symptom-related information to share with your healthcare team regarding stool frequency, urgency, and the level of blood in stools.