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Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Pfizer is committed to helping patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) become empowered to play an important role in managing their medical condition with their doctor. What does personal empowerment mean? It is a process intended to help patients work with their doctors to manage their RA and act on medical issues that you—the patient—define as important. Empowerment means becoming a partner with your healthcare professional (HCP) team to participate in shared decision-making on your personal treatment-related issues and options.

The following Pfizer-sponsored materials seek to provide important content for adult patients who have RA.

RA: Disease Diagnosis and Management Materials

Personal empowerment begins with patients understanding how RA is diagnosed and managed. These materials provide a helpful overview of RA, including disease characteristics and the types of therapies used to treat it.

Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis Activiy
Understanding Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Activity...Above and Below the Surface

Read an overview of RA and the importance of taking medication as prescribed.

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Treat-to-Target (T2T) Patient Materials

Understanding T2T
T2T emphasizes the process of shared decision-making between the patient and members of his or her healthcare team. Shared decision-making can only happen if patients are well informed about RA and their treatment options and expectations. The educational information on this site may help patients be better prepared to discuss treatment choices, goals, and objectives with their HCPs.

T2T Overview
T2T Overview

In this 3-part video, learn about the principles and recommendations of T2T and how patients and their HCPs can work together to identify their T2T goals.

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The 4 T2T Principles
The 4 T2T Principles

In part 2, see how patients and their HCPs can make treatment decisions about their RA using the 4 T2T principles. Also learn about the goals of an RA treatment plan.

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The 10 T2T Recommendations
The 10 T2T Recommendations

In part 3, find out how RA disease activity can be measured against targets that patients and their HCPs set together using the 10 T2T recommendations.

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Treat-to-Target Tear Sheet
Working With Doctors to Manage RA Using T2T

Download the 4 T2T Principles and the 10 T2T Recommendations, which outline the goals of an RA treatment plan and the ways HCPs measure RA disease activity.

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Using the MDHAQ/RAPID3 Questionaire
Instructional Video on How to Complete the MDHAQ/RAPID3 Questionnaire to Determine RA Disease Activity Levela

Learn how answering 3 questions from the MDHAQ (Multi-Dimensional Health Assessment Questionnaire) will help determine RA disease activity.

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This 2-page questionnaire helps calculate a RAPID3 score, which may be used to assess the level of RA disease activity. Record scores in the Patient Logbook and bring the information to the next doctor’s appointment.

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Instructional Video on How to Complete the RAPID3 Simple Form to Determine RA Disease Activity Levela

Explore the RAPID3 self-assessment questionnaire and how it is used to calculate a RAPID3 score. This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to complete the RAPID3 Simple Form, as well as how to enter information in the Patient Logbook for discussion with HCPs.

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RAPID3 Simple Forma

This self-assessment questionnaire provides instructions on how a RAPID3 score is calculated, along with an explanation of those results. Record scores in the Patient Logbook and bring the information to the next doctor’s appointment.

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